The Benefit Of Freeze Dry Food For Us


Freeze dried food is the process used to remove most all water from food. It removes on average 98% of water content. The freeze dry process is different from dehydration. Here are some reviews of frozen foods that can help you.

In this day and age, the government recommends every home has an emergency preparedness kit in case of a natural disaster or act of war. These kits should hold enough food and water to sustain the entire family for at least three days. It does not hurt to plan for extra days just in case rescue efforts are delayed.

Because one never knows when the next disaster is going to happen, the kits must be comprised of foods that have long shelf lives. Freeze dried foods are an excellent option. The pouches are a good idea to keep in the car as part of an emergency kit. Hikers can also benefit from these lightweight single serves meals. You can store this food in a dry storage area that does not require cold temperatures.

You and your family are going to need to eat no matter what happens, so here are 3 reasons why you should buy your own emergency food supply.

  1. The Destruction of Crops Due to Natural Disasters: Every year it seems as though there is always a drought, a flood or some other weather condition like hail or a sudden drop in temperature that can affect the growing of crops. Billions of dollars worth of food get destroyed every spring seasons due to adverse weather conditions, but you don’t have to worry about what your family will eat if you have an ample supply of freeze-dried meals.
  2. A Possible Lack of Food in the Near Future: Scientists have recently announced that in as little as ten to twenty years, the population of the world will be over ten to people. Experts say by this time, there will not be enough food to take care of such many people. Do you want to get caught without a way to provide for your family? To ensure that you and your loved ones have plenty of nourishment now is the time to start buying large quantities of survival food. A great start to your own emergency food storage would be to look into buying high-quality freeze dried food.
  3. The Global Economy is Getting Worse: Around the world, every country is suffering from a terrible economy. The money situation is not getting any better, and if things don’t improve, people won’t have enough money to buy groceries for their families. You don’t want to be struggling, even more, to make sure there is food on your family’s table when you have purchased an emergency food supply for just such an emergency.


The Benefits of Freeze Dried Food

There are several benefits of freeze-dried foods, including:

  1. Freeze dried food retains original characteristics of the product, including:
  • Color
  • Form
  • Size
  • Taste
  • Texture
  • Nutrients
  1. Reconstitutes to an original state when placed in water
  2. Shelf stable at room temperature — cold storage not required
  3. The weight of the freeze-dried products be reduced by 70 to 90 percent, with no change in volume
  4. The product is lightweight and easy to handle
  5. Shipping costs are reduced because of the lightweight and lack of refrigeration
  6. Low water activity virtually eliminates microbiological concerns
  7. Offers the highest quality in a dry product compared to other drying methods
  8. Virtually any type of food or ingredient, whether solid or liquid, can be freeze-dried


How to Prepare Freeze Dried food

There is a large variety of all-in-one meals available. Things like pasta primavera, beef stroganoff and hearty vegetable stews are just a few of the options. Then the meals are flashing frozen and go through a dehydration process. This leaves the food weighing very little.

The meals only require a small amount of hot water to reconstitute them into a delicious, satisfying meal. The process takes from fifteen to thirty minutes. Meals that have meat chunks tend to take longer than the pasta and stews. Because of the flash freeze process, the food does not shrink. Once the water is added, the food will return to its original state before the process began. This is another reason these meals are a great addition to any emergency kit.

We can also make frozen food for our beloved animals such as cats or dogs. You can easily present it to your animals without having to bother processed it yourself.

For those of you who don’t have time to make their own frozen food, you can buy it easily at online stores such as Walmart, Amazon, Mountain House or buy directly at a frozen bulk wholesale specialty. You can process it is according to the recipe printed on the packaging, it’s easy, right?

By preparing your own emergency food storage, you are ready for anything because now you and your family will still have food even if they’re a disaster or a food shortage. You never know what can happen, but with an emergency food supply in your pantry or basement, you will be prepared and you will have peace of mind for years to come. It’s the wise thing to do.


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