Best Cupcake Wedding Cake Ideas


A wedding cake is surely an inseparable portion of a wedding celebration. The cake means the love and proper care of the couple. The couple wants to share the happiness and happiness with all of their relatives and buddies. While deciding about marriage cakes, the pair needs to plan a good deal in advance.

Brides are looking for something a bit different for their wedding ceremony that may set them aside from the rest. Of course, they need their guests to steer away surprise about the beautiful display. Gone would be the days when a marriage required a six hundred dollar wedding cakes or maybe more.

The cupcake wedding cake will be the new wedding cake for today. The wedding planning timeline has started and lots of brides are looking for that unusual presentation.

Can you imagine the surprises throughout the would cake cutting ceremony once the knife wouldn’t cut the weddings cake? Can you imagine serving you and your guests smashed and ruined the wedding cake? No need here simply pops on the plate and voila cake is served. Or guests may help themselves. No danger here of drooling buttercream icing or of avalanches of tiers.

Consider wedding cupcakes as being a great alternative for that wedding in a cake. They are versatile, unusual and will be presented in lots of, plenty of different ways. With the ease of serving of such tasty morsels, you can say no. Cutting endless slices of cake for everyone to your invited guests are no longer required.

Cupcakes stand are self-contained and can be displayed in a very safe manner without danger of capsizing. Wedding cupcakes would be the way to go for cost, presentation, and ease. All in all, they are so cute and delicious every would guest will clamor to own one.


Advantages of the Cupcake Wedding Cake

You never picturing having cupcakes instead of something more traditional While this is often a newer idea to many, lots of people are finding that it is a very easy and fun option. But why would someone make this happens, you could ask. Let’s look at four benefits of having cupcakes for your wedding.

  1. Cupcakes tend to be, easier to serve in small shapes. Some reception halls actually charge money for cutting and serving cakes through a cupcake this fee might be avoided. Without worry about the need to make perfects cuts, you’ll have a friend serves the cupcakes or even contain the guests serve themselves. This not simply is cheaper but takes driving a car out of serving.
  2. Cupcakes less complicated much easier to transport. Consider how most wedding cakes today have numerous layers which can be boxed separately then builds with the wedding party. Or, some bakeries layer the cake at the same time and then try to transport the complete thing for your wedding. In some cases, cake layers ended upping melted, dropped, and so forth, which will ruin this fun section of the wedding.
  3. A cupcake wedding cake is an option of getting different flavors. With an actual wedding cake, you can be limited in this regard. However, with a cupcake wedding, you might have a wide variety of options of flavors that it’ll be sure to match every one of you and your guests own.
  4. The final result — the consumer serving. Were you ever served a piece of wedding cakes used a part of a decoration which you couldn’t identify?

Consider these benefits to have a cupcake for your special occasion.


How To Choose Unique Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake must be unique also, it should represent the couple’s personal choices. So, they must choose something that they much like the most.

Here are the tips that the pair has to use prior to buying being married cakes:

  • Look in the photos with the wedding cakes after which determine which one matches your preferences.
  • Determine the baker according to your wishes. Usually, I choose a baker who’s near me.
  • After the baker is selected, provide him with instructions concerning the amounting of guests, the exact level you will need in the form of cakes, the designs and sized the wedding cake.
  • Look at the prices of varied bread machines and choose affordable ones.
  • If you desire, you can go for a reasonable cupcake, taste choice, simple for distribution and can be arranged on the table. This could be the most recent fashion.
  • This cake must show off your likes, passions and those for special moments in your own life. Therefore, obtain the best cake for you in the baker.


Below is a couple of picture ideas for wedding cakes cupcakes you could make as a cause of inspiration.

Las Vegas Custom Cakes are being married cake bakery in Las Vegas that bake delicious cakes for life’s momentous occasions. Las Vegas Custom Cakes are completely fresh. The bakery can accommodate any special requests, like allergies or vegan options.


Wow … this really is amazing! Peacock cake, layer cakes, cupcakes, cakes linked to cupcakes.  This creative cupcake wedding cake includes one beautiful peacock using more than twenty cupcakes. The concept is brilliant.


The wedding cake tower is made up of considered one or more different designs on the cupcakes, displayed on stacked cake boards. Even the simplest designs are enhanced with the help of votives, fresh or silk flowers or tulle alongside the cupcakes on each tier.


This was over for a ceremony to wedding vows. Their colors were white and black, so it’s making cupcakes in black glassing cupcake liners with white buttercream roses and black sugar pearls.


Genius rolling around in its simplicity, the product in question can be a lot of fancy bowl cakes arranged by means of a married relationship dress and decorated with colorful decorations plus some extra extras. It is very suitable to become present at your wedding, so guests can simply consider the weddings cake without the need to cut it.


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